How ‘Bout we Just Spruce it Up a Bit? (and other tid-bits)

I have been noticing lately that my block is looking pretty nice (even with the two houses in the middle that have decided the curb is their trash can). First, it was the grant we got to put these cute potted evergreen bushes with petunias around them in front of every house. Then it was the one house that has so many pretty flowers in fron of it that a couple others followed suit.


In the 1960’s, the City of San Francisco demolished one of the most successful African American communities (economically well off, good schools, etc). The population–by and large moved across the bay to Oakland. Today, the housing authority is trying to figure out how to stem the tide “urban renewal” started long ago.

And the battle goes on to save Brooklyn, NY. Anyone who has ever had a conversation with me about Brooklyn knows that I loath the intersection of Atlantic Avenue and Flatbush–there one can see two of the most architecturally inept and down right ugly retail centers in the world. Forest City Ratner tried to make good be making the second phase more pedestrian friendly with a big plaza–but alas it is hideous.  Then again, I have never actually seen a good looking FCR project–its just not in the genes.  Atlantic Yards will be even worse.

  • Billing it a Frank Gehry star-chitect project ain’t making it no better.

One response to “How ‘Bout we Just Spruce it Up a Bit? (and other tid-bits)

  1. Balance and Money have never been friends. I used to stay near Lafayette and Washington and I thanked God for that Pathmark. I guess we win some and we lose some when we want progress. But hey how about a supermarket can’t we crush some trees for a supermarket?

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